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Priority needs to produce energy coal chemical products
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During the "Thirteen Five", China's coal chemical industry must give top priority to the production of energy products, chemicals placed second. In this context, the total control of the implementation of coal, and the preparation of the interests of the chain by cutting the feasibility study report, management review comments given deadline, pushing technology to the international, etc., to achieve the "Thirteen Five" period of coal chemical industry better development. 
 Chemical energy first second 
 Coal chemical industry can not be over development, which has become the consensus. What key coal chemical industry development? It must be clear in "Thirteen Five" period. Coal chemical products, mainly in the fields of energy and chemicals, energy products is the people's livelihood, the chemical is a profit problem, clarify this issue will be clear in the end is the people's livelihood priorities or profits take precedence. 
 China is a big country of nearly 1.4 billion population, ranking first in all material energy needs demand. Thus, coal chemical industry should give top priority to energy demand, no matter how much the international crude oil prices dropped, every part of the oil and gas production. But this does not mean that chemicals do not just put chemicals on the second. 
 Coal chemical industry is the main raw material coal, coal chemical plant coal for about 30 percent of carbon into products, and the remaining approximately 70% of the carbon into CO2 into the atmosphere. Therefore, the key to control CO2 emissions is to reduce coal consumption. At present, China has reached the cap value coal. The author believes that the amount of coal in the country has reached saturation, "Thirteen Five" period must implement "total control, minus the east by the west," the principle that reducing the amount of coal in the east, while in the western region increase the amount of coal to achieve the country's total coal volume constant. 
 Research interests of the chain can be prepared off 
 Our projects should provide project feasibility study report. Such feasibility report now considerable arbitrariness. Some of the report is entirely subjective will turn around, causing the project started after the deficiencies found in resources, technology reach the design value, "three wastes" treatment of non-compliance and other issues, and the original "feasibility" far from . 
 The reason is not feasible feasibility report, generally caused by the following aspects, for example, the preparation of the future party stakeholders to take the project, the preparation of the unit will do everything possible to find reasons to prove that the project is feasible; project leadership finalized, the project is feasible as long as the leadership finds The following people will follow to find evidence of its feasibility; owners eager to win without practice with proven technology hastily demonstration plant construction; expert not professional, not independence, in some projects, experts are invited to join the owners, no expert on project-specific technical, lack of judgment. 
 To change this situation, we recommend that the preparation of the feasibility study and audit do the following significant improvements: First, the preparation of future parties not involved in the project design, manufacturing, supervision, contracting and other fee-based businesses, and projects related to equipment manufacturing, technology Providers should not serve as panelists, cutting interests of the chain establishment parties. Second, the preparation of feasibility report by leading government agencies at the national level, especially after the great success of technology, should be the preparation of national macro development feasibility study report. At the same time to set up a project accountability system, once a "feasible" problem, to be held responsible person's responsibility. Three major projects should be carried out without feasibility analysis, and feasibility study report at the same time as the basis for approval of the national authorities. 
 Management review shall set the time limit 
 "1025" period, a very strange phenomenon on the coal chemical industry development path, is the "Management lazy government." The case of the development of coal chemical enthusiasm is high in many places, and reported to the competent authorities of the feasibility study a few years but had no whereabouts, neither positive, nor negative. Reported by helpless, bite the bullet for the design, ordering and construction. Wait until approval has been basically completed. If this time to deny the project, who will bear the consequences of what should, how bear? 
 Therefore, control of the management department, implementation of the "have of review" principle, that is, after the feasibility study reported, in a certain period (eg 3 months) answer is given, expired no reply is automatically approved. 
 Promote technology out of the country 
 The development of modern coal chemical industry in our country, has gone to buy technology, stage technology developed foreign patents, forming the FT synthesis, MTO, pressure swing adsorption, low temperature methanol wash, multi-nozzle water slurry gasification, space heaters, Tsinghua University furnace, syngas glycol and many other independent technology, a lot of technology has been widely used in the coal chemical industry matures, meet or exceed the world's advanced level. 
 Therefore, the development of coal chemical technology to China should enter a new stage of the world. Specifically, these cell technology, sold to countries in need of the world, suggested that the state authorize the China Petroleum (601857, stock it) and Chemical Industry Association embarked on this work.

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