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Chinese instrumentation development should pay attention to five points
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Today's industrial revolution, like the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao out of the "colored stick", with the age and health. The development of instrumentation, we must think to understand the situation today recognize "colored stick ', according to potential line. 
 According to market surveys and research show that in the next period of time, Chinese instrument market is still huge potential for growth, but the market structure will change. Especially in food, environmental, pharmaceutical, life in the field and "human health" is closely related to science still has a relatively large market opportunity. So Chinese instrument market opportunities lie? 
 It is understood that, in 2014, the field of environmental protection equipment market is a "thriving", in 2014 won the bid information publicly available statistics show that, environmental protection, food and medicine, health care has been dominated by the top three government agencies and research institutes to detect the amount of purchase ; a large number of successful information display, environmental equipment manufacturers involved in the field of environmental monitoring in deeper and deeper, infrastructure, operation and maintenance, monitoring instrument trend towards integration. In 2015, the focus of attention and Ministry of Environmental Protection of the State Council issued the "recent soil environmental protection and comprehensive management of work", the implementation of "Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Plan of Action", "Water Pollution Prevention Plan of Action," the three plans. 
 Automated instrumentation as measuring and testing technology embodied in the instrument science and technology disciplines, role in today's economy and science and technology development in China has become increasingly evident. Instrumentation products are widely used in various fields of industry, agriculture, transportation, science and technology, environmental protection, national defense, education, health, people's livelihood, driven by strong market demand and under the guidance of the national macro-control policy, the development of instrumentation industry has considerable room for improvement. 
 While there has been a great development, but in the automation control system and field instrumentation and key sophisticated testing equipment, and other fields, China and the international advanced level there are still a wide gap. It is also a goal of the future development of China's instrument industry, reach, catch up, the development of technology to lead the international level. The future of China's instrument industry how to develop it? 
 First, to further enhance the level of instrumentation technology and to comply with the development trend of the industry, in a solid conventional varieties, while further development of intelligent instrumentation, enhance industrial digital, intelligent and integrated level. Application of new technologies is also essential, such as frequency control, new motor technology, low labor consumption, miniature piezoelectric ceramics I / P converter, Bluetooth communication technology, intelligence and field bus to the development of smart actuators . 
 Development Second, our product quality and reliability in the instrumentation industry has been a major mishap, also must be addressed. China instrument industry in the future to enhance reliability, serviceability and performance. In fact, in some product areas, our self-developed products in the performance and functionality has reached the international level, but in terms of reliability and adaptability to slightly inferior. This is also the future development of China's instrument industry a major bottleneck to be addressed in order to make domestic instrument more internationally competitive. 
 Third, to further enrich the instrument types and specifications, such as the following micro 1kPa low pressure, 800kPa over high differential pressure range, 16MPa or more high static pressure, corrosion resistance and other specifications of the domestic transmitters and so on, all need abundant. These applications can meet the special requirements of the product, if not production, then its application development caused great limitations. 
 Fourth, to further enhance the product's degree of automation and precision. The degree of automation of our instrumentation is not high enough, and some also require manual operation. In computer technology widely used today, in order to obtain higher efficiency, reduce labor intensity, it is necessary to further the use of computer technology to enhance the degree of automation instrumentation. Accuracy should be gradually improved, such as flow meters, measuring instruments, etc., enabling higher precision instrument more reliable, wider range of applications. 
 Five, China's instrumentation products, mainly in the middle and low market, while the high-end market is mainly dominated by foreign brands. In some high-end, domestic products and even blank, which requires future of instruments to high-end market, high-end products to expand market share. Domestic instrument in the technology, performance, reliability, quality, automation, precision, high-end and other areas of development, China's instrument industry's market share will increase.

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