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Product Name:S100 SIRCA series soft sealed floating ball valve
Product description:

● Advanced design makes the valve has a competitive advantage
● Diffusion leakage control can be used in flammable and non flammable conditions
● ISO5211 driver connection standard
● Standard soft seat can achieve zero leakage
● Use pure white PTFE/PFA soft seat to prevent pollution of the media
● Independent two body type valve body to ensure a good self to the neutral
● Fire safety testing in line with the fifth version of the API 607, when the soft valve seat burned, metal on metal valve seat for the two seal, for fire safety design
● Anti blow out valve stem design
● Anti static design
● The sphere of the spherical surface machining accuracy is very high
● Enhanced PTFE bearing and ring can reduce friction
● Operating torque is very small, can reduce the cost of actuator
● Can clearly indicate the position of the valve position switch
● MR-01-75 NACE anti sulfide brittle fracture criteria
● Locking mechanism